Wide Receivers

These Jets were an exemplary combination of speed, perfect pass-routing and strength.


#13 - Don Maynard

Wide Receiver

One of the greatest wide receivers in pro football history and a Hall of Famer, Maynard played all of Super Bowl III with a pulled muscle, never limped and beat the Colts’ deep zone that forced Baltimore to alter its defense to the Jets’ advantage.


#83 - George Sauer, Jr.

Wide Receiver

This All-AFL split end ran his unique variety of short pass patterns to perfection, taking advantage of the Colts’ fear of deep passes to Don Maynard on the other side of the field during the Super Bowl game.


#29 - Bake Turner

Wide Receiver

One of several ex-Colts who joined the Jets in their inaugural season, Bake expected to see playing time in Super Bowl III due to Maynard's leg problems. He excelled on Special Teams that afternoon, relishing the chance to face his former team.


#87 - Pete Lammons

Tight End

The greatest Tight End in Jets history, Lammons wasn't flashy. Instead, he blocked like a demon – protecting Namath from opponents’ blitzes – and his great hands grabbed key passes when Maynard and Sauer were blanketed by defenses.