Chicago Tribune

"Every story of [the Jets'] epic triumph centers on quarterback Joe Namath’s famous guarantee that the Jets would win the game. It is the core of his legend. Bob Lederer, an avid Jets fan, makes the case that history hasn’t given enough credit to the other players, the '39 Forgotten,' who made up the team."

"With a true fan’s passion (that day, according to the author bio, “was the most exciting sports day in his life”), he employs scores of interviews and other necessary research to tell the stories of those who brought about the victory. [...] Although there are names that will resonate with many general sports fans—e.g., Namath, Weeb Ewbank, Don Maynard, Matt Snell—there are many others whom the author rescues from the virtual anonymity that awaits a nonheadliner upon retirement.

Rex Ryan, Former New York Jets Coach

"Beyond Broadway Joe gives great insights into that famous Jets team and those individuals. A great read for any football fan and an absolute must for Jet fans."

Library Journal

“Each profile provides insightful recollections of the season, the game, their teammates and coaches, as well as a summary of their subsequent lives and careers... This unique look at Namath and the Jets should find a wide audience.”


“Lederer sets the record straight about that landmark game... A very satisfying sports book.”

Don Laible

“With each page, you want to learn more about team players as Paul Crane, Jim Richards, Stephen Thompson and Earl Christy – because they matter, in the grand scheme of the Jets victory over Baltimore.

“Only a fan of the Jets could produce Beyond Broadway Joe. Lederer is the chosen one. He cared to write the best darn unofficial account of the 1968 team that changed pro football forever…The Jets organization needs to embrace Beyond Broadway Joe as an official representative of their history.”

“…A fascinating look at one of the most under-rated TEAMS in NFL history… Hard-core football junkies will love reading Weeb Ewbank’s old scouting reports and the untold story of how they devised a unique game plan to upset the Colts. Casual fans will enjoy the colorful characters and the compelling back stories to wonderful players such as Matt Snell, Winston Hill and Don Maynard. This book has a “Boys of Summer” feel to it. Different season, different sport, but it evokes the same warm and nostalgic feelings." 

rich cimini, ESPN