The powerful protectors of the quarterback, the team's Offensive Line shielded Joe Namath (and sometimes Babe Parilli) at all costs.


#75 – Winston Hill

Offensive Left Tackle

In 1963, veteran Baltimore Colts’ defensive end Ordell Braase made Hill look so foolish in Colts’ training camp that he was released and signed by the wary Jets. In Super Bowl III, Winston overcame his personal demons, dominating Braase to the point that the Colt was benched.


#67 – Dave Herman

Offensive Right Guard

Football watchers said this surly, focused offensive guard was too small and too
light to switch to offensive tackle and take on Baltimore Colts’ defensive end
Bubba Smith, but he went out and frustrated and controlled the behemoth. Also could have been Super Bowl III co-MVP.


#52 – John Schmitt


Only one of two players who knew how Namath’s audibles at the line of scrimmage were sending Colts defenders in one direction. After
Namath got those defenders moving, Schmitt sent Jets runs and passes in the opposite direction.


#61 – Bob Talamini

Offensive Left Guard

A six-time All-AFL offensive guard with the Houston Oilers for seven years, he was one of two players to win both an AFL Championship and then a Super Bowl with the Jets.


#66 – Randy Rasmussen

Offensive Lineman

Second-year offensive guard who was forced into the Jets’ AFL Championship and Super Bowl lineups; he thrived facing wily veteran defensive tackles in both games.


#74 – Jeff Richardson

Offensive Lineman

The Jets’ double-barreled Super Bowl III secret weapon; he publicly
complimented former MSU teammate Bubba Smith but, behind the scenes, tutored Dave Herman on exactly how to stop Smith.


#71 – Sam Walton

Offensive Right Tackle

This rookie offensive tackle more than held his own until midway through the 1968 season, but he allowed New York nightlife and beat downs on the field to adversely affect his play, which forced his ouster from the lineup.