'Beyond Broadway Joe' Author Bob Lederer on WFAN Sports Radio

After discovering the existence of a book aimed at celebrating the team behind the historic Super Bowl III win at the Orange Bowl fifty years after-the-fact, WFAN host and New York Jets super-fan Joe Benigno wanted to carve some time out on the air this week to find out why the author would bother engaging in such an endeavor.

That's exactly what happened when he brought on Beyond Broadway Joe author Bob Lederer to discuss what caused him to write the book, which then led to a wide-ranging discussion between the two men and co-host Evan Roberts about the '69 championship team, the AFL Championship game that pitted the Jets against the Oakland Raiders, the series of mistakes made by the Baltimore Colts on the field in Super Bowl III, as well as the prospects for the upcoming Jets season this fall with their newly-minted quarterback Sam Darnold.

Listen to the discussion in the player above, or click here!