Emerson Boozer, #32

A must-read for New York Jets fans, and for football enthusiasts in general. Beyond Broadway Joe gives good historic background information about the team in its infancy. The player interviews and their individual recollections are compelling.

If you attended game days at Shea Stadium during that era, man: what nostalgic trips! This is the book for you. On top of all that, an added plus? Detailed Super Bowl III play-by-play action.

Emerson Boozer


Billy Joe, #35

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I give Beyond Broadway Joe an 11. I thought I was very knowledgeable about all of my teammates, but the book contains a wealth of information about my teammates that I was not aware of... I even learned some facts about myself that I was not knowledgeable about!

Its outstanding research offers a wealth of knowledge and information for all owners of this magnificent book. I certainly recommend it to all sports fans, and if you are just simply a voracious reader, it will provide a wealth of entertainment for you.

Stay rough and keep hanging tough,

Billy Joe

Steve Thompson.jpg

Stephen Thompson, #85

WOW! What a great book. The detailed history of the Titans-to-Jets drama and the process of drafting players are things I never knew.  As a player, I was caught up in my own world and was delighted to hear the perspectives of my former teammates concerning Super Bowl III.

I loved reading about the grading system that Weeb used to evaluate players. The Sonny Werblin influence with Joe and promoting the new Jets image was so insightful. Thanks to Bob Lederer for a great book about my history, with things that I never knew. It was even better than looking around on an ancestry website!

Steve Thompson

New York Jets Defensive Coach (‘63-’73, ‘76-’77),

Head Coach (‘77-’83)


Walt Michaels

Bob did his homework.

The people, their personalities, all the plays. He got it right.

I can say this firsthand, because I know how it was.

I lived it.

Walt Michaels

Son of former Jets Principal Owner, David A. “Sonny” Werblin


Tom Werblin

Bob Lederer's book is an insightful read into a special team that not only captivated America, but that also helped to change the landscape of professional sports. Beyond Broadway Joe creates a very unique perspective of what was arguably the biggest upset in football history.

It is a must-read for not only Jets fans, but like the books Paper Lion and Run to Daylight, it is required reading for true sports fans.

Tom Werblin