“This book is a must read for all Jet Fans.  I was really fascinated with all the new things that I learned about the history of the Titan/Jets and the early AFL! Congrats to Bob Lederer on this great book.  I really enjoyed reading about all the Super Bowl III players 50 years later!  I encourage you to buy and read it!” Phil Foley (Yonkers, NY)

"Each section about each player is tremendous… an in depth look at each individual player, the coaching team, special teams, and most importantly to me, Joe's guarantee and the reactions –– also play by play for the entire Super Bowl game. Thank you for the best book I have read in a very long time!" Donnette Sconci LaFaitte (Austin, TX)

“…Now’s a great time to check out this book written by Bob Lederer. Talks very in-depth about the entire team and how they overcame the odds to bring us our only championship. I’m about to finish the book myself! Great read!” Jordan Rubin (Highland Park, IL)

“Super Bowl III, considered by many sports historians was not a fluke in my opinion…I've been interested in this literally for decades, but I really learned a lot from historian and author Bob Lederer, who collected great information for his new book, Beyond Broadway Joe--The Super Bowl Team That Changed Football.” Elliot Kennel (Beavercreek, OH)

“Check out this great book” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gary Lee Wilson (Clinton, ME)

“Loved the book and I’ve been going to Jet games since 1964. It captures the feel completely…Gonna read it again!!” John Sommese (Old Bethpage, NY)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Broadway Joe… Joe Namath always said it was the team that won Super Bowl III not just him and this book proves that they were all working together to achieve it!” Patricia Kamuf (Cleveland, OH)