Defensive Line

Dominating agility, quickness, and smarts: these are the traits that defined the Jets' D-Line.


#81 - Gerry Philbin

Left Defensive End

The All-Pro defensive end halted the Colts’ early Super Bowl III offensive momentum with a stop that helped inject needed confidence into the Jets defense. As a sheer presence, Philbin was indefatigable.


#72 - Paul Rochester

Left Defensive Tackle

A player since the AFL’s first season, defensive line coach Buddy Ryan told
Rochester that his Super Bowl performance was the best ever played by a defensive tackle.


#86 - Verlon Biggs

Defensive End

Criticized for not playing all-out on every play, he had a knack of making "the big play." In the 1968 post-season, he made two enormous plays: he pressured Daryl Lamonica into throwing the AFL championship game-ending lateral and caused the second-half fumble from Colt halfback Tom Matte in Super Bowl III.


#80 - John Elliott

Defensive Tackle

After trying out on the offensive line and as a linebacker in his rookie year, his opportunity opened on the defensive line, and he became an AFL All-Star defensive tackle. His remarkable quickness and strength provided the Jets with an unusual threat: a strong pass rush from the middle of the defensive line.


#50 - Carl McAdams

Defensive Tackle

Superstar college linebacker who was injured at the start of his Jets’ career, but insisted on earning his $250,000 paycheck. He limped on to the field to play an unfamiliar position, defensive line, and earned team-wide respect by performing better than anyone expected.