Assistant Coaches

The men who turned a group of collegians into All-Pros, and ultimately, world champions.


Clive Rush

Offensive Assistant

He drew up the AFL Championship Game and Super Bowl III game plans. Even more important, between 1964 and 1968, he taught inexperienced Jets players like Namath, Snell, Boozer, Sauer and members of the offensive line how to read opposition defenses. That became one of the two biggest offensive keys in Super Bowl III.


Walt Michaels

Defensive Assistant

The assistant coach who devised and ran the Jets’ defense, he created the most confusing and complex defenses in the AFL. Jets players said they didn't find it confusing because intelligence was one of the important traits that Michaels looked for in his unit.


Buddy Ryan

Defensive Line/Special Teams

The future defensive genius that would one day lead the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, few people recall that his introduction to the pro ranks occurred with the Jets in 1968-69


Joe Spencer

Offensive Line

An old-line football mind who stressed blocking  basics and had Jets’ offensive linemen hammering a 300 lb. tackling dummy day after day.


George Sauer, Sr.

Personnel Director

He scouted many of the college talents who became featured players and difference-makers on the Super Bowl Jets – and provided counsel to Weeb Ewbank on selections.